PS and PP foil

UAB Lisiplast offers high quality foil, which is used in the making of packaging for the food industry, as well as other industries.


We manufacture two types of film:  Polypropylene (PP) and Polystyrene (PS).


Our manufactured films for packing different type of foods, have two characteristics in common:


  1. Being resistant to mechanical factors
  2. Being the perfect protection against atmospheric factors





  • Highly flexible, easy to process material;
  • Has the lowest density of all polymers used;
  • Shows very high chemical resistance at room temperature;
  • PP decomposition is ecological – it does not create waste and/or hazardous gases;
  • Enables safe storage of foods containing high-fat levels;
  • Thickness of the foil can be from 0.2mm to 1.5mm;
  • Width of the foil can be from 350mm to 700mm;
  • Can be in various colours.


  • High gloss finish;
  • Hard and brittle, with limited flexibility and high dimensional stability;
  • Larger temperature bracket when it comes to forming;
  • Less shrinkage in comparison with PP;
  • Enables gas exchange, creating a less effective barrier than PP;
  • Not suitable for storing high-fat products;
  • Thickness of the foil can be from 0.28mm to 2.2mm;
  • Width of the foil can be from 100mm to 820mm;
  • Can be in various colours.